Benefits of Steam

Suddenly, that really bad day just took a heavenly turn

Steam Is Good For You

MrSteam created SteamTherapy® to help educate and promote the deeply therapeutic benefits of steam.
A daily steam shower is one of the most refreshing rewards you can give yourself. Step inside and feel your senses expand. Boundaries soften and disappear. This is the most sensual of beauty rituals: relaxation and rejuvenation, stimulation and exhilaration. SteamTherapy keeps you glowing as warm moisture opens your pores, leaving your skin softer and more supple. Steam cleanses and nourishes the skin, leaving it with a healthy glow. It hydrates dry skin. And, hallelujah, it can also aid in the fight against cellulite while boosting your metabolism.

Helps Relieve Stress

Encourages relaxation & fosters a sense of wellbeing.

May Relieve Allergy Symptoms

Opens nasal passages and improves breathing.

Promotes Deep, Restful Sleep

May help increase the length of REM cycles during sleep.

Cleanses Skin

Opens pores and leaves skin with a healthy glow. May even help with acne.

Improves Performance

Loosens stiff muscles, reduces soreness, and helps break down lactic acid in the muscles.


A 15-minute steam shower consumes just two gallons of water – compared to 40 for a conventional bath.

Improves Circulation

May help relieve symptoms of arthritis and helps reduce pain.

Burns Calories

Boosts your metabolism and burns up to 150 calories per session.

Enhances Your Shave

Softens and lubricates skin for a smoother shave.

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