History of Steam Bathing

An ancient legacy as a wellness practice

Deep Roots and Long Traditions

The History of Steam Bathing

The desire to cleanse, purify and enjoy steam in a communal setting stretches back as far as the Bronze Age. Ruins of the earliest public baths were found in the ancient Indus Valley Civilization (currently Pakistan and India). Steam bathing has always been a place to meet and socialize, relax and leave behind the stress of the day – whether that be in the thermae of ancient Rome, the sweat lodges of the Native Americans, or the spring-fed onsen of the Japanese. Our contemporary need to find a tranquil escape in steam has extensive and long-standing roots.

And today…

Now you can enjoy this long-standing tradition – one that stretches all the way back to the Bronze Age. There’s clearly a reason why people gathered to commune and unwind in steam baths throughout time, all over the globe. Experience the reasons why yourself in the comfort of your own home – Experience MrSteam!

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