Aroma Designer Steamheads

Steamheads that match your bathroom décor

The Steamhead that Matches Any Bathroom Décor

Aroma Designer® Steamhead

Comes in two shapes, square and round, and 11 beautiful finishes that blend seamlessly with any bathroom decor. Manufactured in solid brass. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to suffuse your steam shower with soothing or invigorating natural aromas.

Flush Mount

Easily mount and install your control snug to the wall.


Use your smartphone or mobile device to control your steam shower

Set Your Temperature

Whatever your preference, program your temperature and get comfortable.


Aroma Designer® Steamhead Made to Match our Preferences & Trims

Aroma Steamheads

A SteamTherapy Bonus

More than Steam – Wellspring of Health.

The sleek and integrated oil well is designed to infuse steam with your essential oils— enhancing your steam experience through aromatherapy. The AromaSteam SteamHead goes above and beyond to make sure your steam experience is fully realized.

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