Add a little colour to your steam shower

Add A Little Colour To Your Shower

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ChromaTherapy For Wellness

Shine a light on wellness.

Light changes the way you see the world, literally and figuratively. Different colors influence your mood in different ways. Blue calms you. Red invigorates. Green promotes feelings of harmony. And violet… well, you’ll just have to find out for yourself. Our ChromaTherapy systems allow you transform the environment of your steam shower with a flood of pleasing light suited to your own moods and preferences. If you’re not convinced, give it a try—we think you’ll see the light.

Note: For Mood Lighting Only.

Mood-enhancing chromatherapy

Shine a light on wellness

Change the light and change your mood. Step into your shower. Let the steam envelop you. Now extend a hand and effortlessly dial in just the mood you’re seeking. Your elegant, vapor-sealed LED mood lighting responds with a flood of pure energy.


The sophisticated ChromaSteamX system features a color wheel on the iSteamX for dialing in any color imaginable— 269,000 possibilities, to be exact. Modulate the brightness to your taste or choose to have your light pulse gently as you shower. For large steam rooms, use ChromaDuo with two LED light clusters. These systems pair with our iSteamX control.


Our original LED lighting system works with the AirTempo and iTempo Plus control. Choose among six colors ranging from soothing blue to sensual red. Find your mood, find your center, relax, and enjoy.

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