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Designing A Luxury Modern Bathroom That Adds Value

add value to your bathroom with these steps

When you’re designing a bathroom for a brand new home, or you’re ready to redesign or remodel your current bathroom, careful planning can take your bathroom to a whole new level.

Taking into account some key design enhancements will add significantly to the value of your bathroom and make the effort, inconvenience and investment worthwhile.


Tiles are one of the most important elements in a bathroom, and they often form your bathroom’s first impression. They anchor the space and serve as a backdrop for all other elements. There are so many incredible bathroom tiles to choose from these days – in all manner of shapes and colours. Why not be a bit bold, or adventurous, or innovative with the type of tiles you choose, how you lay them, where you place them and what colour grout you use. Tiles can be laid in a conventional style, or you can try herringbone, or vertical instead of horizontal, or use a very special tile as a feature. How about tiling the ceiling as well? Different colour grouts can be really effective too.

2.    BATHS:

A family bathroom really does call for a bath – if not for yourself, think about re-sell value. Nothing sets the tone in a bathroom quite life a shapely statement bath. Whether sunken, stand-alone, or traditionally integrated, a gorgeous tub is to a bathroom what a well-turned sofa is to a living room. Placement of the batht is also an important consideration, so take care with your space planning. If your space allows, make a feature of the bath.

3.    LIGHTING: 

Functional lighting is vital in a bathroom. It needs to be well positioned particularly for applying make-up and for shaving – try placing vanity lighting at the sides of the mirror to avoid casting shadows down over your face. Lighting also needs to create the right ambience. No-one wants to relax back in a bath only to have a light blazing into their eyes. Dimmer switches are a great option. Feature lights over a bath are also really effective if they suit the mood of the home. Consider Mr Steam ChromaTherapy lighting to enhance your cognitive response to colour.

4.    STORAGE:

Storage is so important. Incorporating well thought through waist height and eye-level storage will go a long way to elevating the design of a bathroom. Hidden storage behind mirrors is particularly well regarded.

5.    PAINT:

Choosing the right paint for your bathroom is not just a matter of the colour that best suits the space, it’s also about the functionality of the paint. To preserve the beauty and longevity of your bathroom redesign, opt for a paint that’s specific to bathrooms – one that is more resistant to mildew.


Steam showers today are akin to what spa baths or jacuzzis were in the 1980s. Design and innovation has come along way, and now installing a steam shower in your own bathroom is simple and affodable. It will not only enhance your lifestyle, giving you the ultimate relaxation facility in your own home – it’s also a great Wellness investment for resale and your families Well Being.


Think about home automation in your bathroom. Controlling the lighting and music at the touch of a button really is next level design, and it’s so simple and easy to install if you choose the right electrical professionals who can create the perfect automated system for you.

An astute designer will work with you to include such technologies into your bathroom design, providing you with the ability to use smart controls and mobile devices to dial up a healthy retreat as an antidote to a stress-filled day.

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