How A steam Room Benefits Your Health & Recovery


A steam shower, or steam bath or steam room, is a wellness space that has been enjoyed by generations throughout the world and across the ages. In this article, we explore how a steam room benefits your health.

Steam therapies have transcended time, offering a blend of relaxation, detoxification, and overall well-being. From ancient bathhouses to modern spa facilities and home installations, steam continues to play a crucial role in promoting a healthy lifestyle.

A brief history of steam bathing

The desire to cleanse, purify and enjoy steam in a communal setting stretches back as far as the Bronze Age. Steam bathing has always been a place to meet and socialise, relax and leave behind the stress of the day – whether that be in the thermae of ancient Rome, the sweat lodges of the Native Americans, or the spring-fed onsen of the Japanese who have enjoyed their hot springs since 1,000 CE.

A world away from the tranquil Japanese bathhouses, the Native Americans – as far north as the Inuit of Alaska and as far south as the Mayan and Aztec cultures – used sweat lodges to cure illness, revive tired muscles, and purify the body. The prophet Muhammed himself enthusiastically recommended sweat baths around 600 AD, helping to spread – the hammam tradition throughout the Middle East. The hammam merges the functionality and architecture of the Romanthermae and baths along with the Central Asian tradition of steam bathing, ritual cleansing and deep-rooted respect of water. Steam bathing has always been popular in Eastern Europe, even in areas where wood is scarce such as the snowy reaches Europe, where folk medicine continues to advocate the healthful properties of the steam bath. In Iceland, the natural hot springs have always been lauded for their medicinal characteristics and the sense of relaxation they impart.

steam therapy & Steam Room BeneFits:

A steam bathing ritual in an indulgence in your own wellbeing, providing a natural detox that removes harmful impurities from your body. Enhancing your breathing, the health benefits of steam are numerous, encompassing both physical and mental well-being;


Steam induces sweating, a natural process that helps eliminate toxins from the body, opening pores which allows impurities to be flushed out, promoting clearer skin.

Improved Circulation

Heat from steam causes blood vessels to dilate, enhancing blood flow and reducing the risk of cardiovascular issues. Improved circulation aids in nutrient delivery and waste removal, supporting overall health.

Stress Relief and Relaxation

Steam promotes the release of endorphins, reducing stress and promoting relaxation. The warm environment soothes tense muscles, providing relief from physical and mental fatigue.

Respiratory Benefits

Steam helps alleviate respiratory issues by moistening the airways, making breathing easier. It can be particularly beneficial for individuals with conditions like asthma or sinusitis.

Joint and Muscle Support

Steam eases muscle tension and joint stiffness, promoting flexibility and range of motion which is ideal for athletes or individuals recovering from injuries. Professional athletes understand that heat therapy can help them recover from training workouts. Heat can penetrate deep into muscle tissue, and moist heat works as effectively and also more quickly than dry heat in muscle recovery.

Promotes skin health

Through environmental exposure, all sorts of toxins can become trapped underneath your skin. Steam rooms help solve that problem by using heat to open up your pores. The warm condensation rinses away the dirt and dead skin that can lead to breakouts. As a result, you may have clearer and more even-toned skin.

Loosens stiff joints

Warming up before a workout is critical in avoiding injury. Using a steam room as part of your warm-up could help you reach maximum mobility during activities such as running, pilates and yoga. Research has shown that heat is especially useful for limbering up stiff joints and relieving achy muscles for people with arthritis. Warming up a sore joint or tired muscle makes blood vessels bigger, which lets more blood, oxygen, and nutrients to travel to the injured tissue. This promotes relaxation of the stiff muscles and joints.

Steam in a modern world

As society becomes more health-conscious, the incorporation of steam into daily life is a natural progression, providing individuals with accessible and convenient ways to reap the rewards of this age-old practice. Steam showers have adapted to a contemporary lifestyle with technological advancements that exemplify life in a modern world. Beyond public spaces, many individuals are seeking ways to integrate the benefits of steam into their daily routines.

In contemporary society, steam rooms and showers have become popular components of health clubs, spas, and wellness centres across Australia. As people increasingly prioritize holistic well-being, the demand for these steam-based facilities has surged. Modern steam rooms often incorporate advanced technologies, including aromatherapy, chromotherapy and audio systems to enhance the overall experience.

Geyser Steam has led the way, introducing steam shower systems to the local marketplace that are designed for home use, providing the luxury of a spa-like experience that maximise the effectiveness of a modern bathroom.

steam bucket

Enhancing your wellness experience


Steam bathing alone is quite enough to do wonders for your body. But imagine that steam bath infused with delightful, invigorating, aromatic oils such as eucalyptus, lavender, and mint—a different essence for every mood. Using herbs that have a long history in the medicinal arts of cultures around the world, the right aromatherapy can reduce anxiety, ease depression, boost your energy, ease insomnia, and so much more. Plus, it smells really good.


Light changes the way you see the world, literally and figuratively. Different colours influence your mood in different ways. Blue calms you. Red invigorates. Green promotes feelings of harmony. The Mr Steam ChromaTherapy systems allow you transform the environment of your steam shower with a flood of pleasing light suited to your own moods and preferences.


Where words fail, music speaks. Mr Steam systems allow you to listen to whatever your heart desires in the peaceful surrounds of your steam shower with MusicTherapy.

Innovation, evolution, revolution…

Over the decades, Geyser Steam has continually pushed boundaries, reimagining the commercial and residential spa experience and always asking: ‘What’s next?’ The result is the most contemporary, technologically advanced product line on the market via our esteemed supply partners. Swipe-touch controls; ultra-efficient steam generators; soothing aromatherapy and chromatherapy systems. Whether you’re a business owner planning a new commercial spa, a contractor remodelling a bathroom, or a homeowner thinking about what you can do to raise the value of your home and get more enjoyment out of it at the same time— a steam room benefits everyone, and you can be confident that Geyser Steam offers you the right choice. No one knows more about steam than us, and we love to talk about it. So reach out to us with your questions. We are here to help.