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Music and Steam – The Perfect Tune

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Where words fail, music speaks.

How much do we really need to say about a system that allows you to listen to whatever your heart desires in the peaceful surrounds of your steam shower? Music, meditations, soothing sounds of nature—whatever pleases your ears and soothes your soul, will play through our high-quality, vapor-sealed sound system.


This combination Bluetooth and FM receiver integrated with a powerful 60 watt amplifier brings crystal clear sound to your steam shower. Connect via bluetooth and control your track selection and volume – or the builtin FM radio – directly from the iSteam3 control.

Audio Speakers

Custom designed to bring rich sound to your shower—and to look good while doing it. Designed to be fully splash-proof and flushmount in style, these speakers have a peak output of 60 watts, with powerful bass and crystal clear mids and highs. They’re musicready from any source via standard speaker wiring.


Audio@Home sound system operates with smartphones, iPods, tablets, or any Bluetooth® enabled device from any location (kitchen, bedroom, garage, office, etc.) and works independently of SteamShower Systems.

Match Your Bath Décor Preferences

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The nose knows no limitations in this feast for the senses. Aromatic herbs are diffused into your steam through one of two systems, filling your shower with transporting essences of lavender, eucalyptus, mint, and much more.

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Our ChromaTherapy systems allow you transform the environment of your steam shower with a flood of pleasing light suited to your own moods and preferences. If you’re not convinced, give it a try—you’ll see the light.

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